Concrete Machinery

Batching Solutions

Columbia provides 4bin/ 3bin Aggregate Weigh Batching Plants with 6 cum/ 10 cum storage capacity per bin. Accurate feeding and batching of cement, flyash and GGBS is achieved through screw conveyors. Highest level of accuracy in water batching is achieved by water metering systems and moisture controllers.


Accurate batching is the key to quality.

Proportioning the correct amount of aggregates, cement and water is critical to a successful, reproducible product. Columbia Machine offers a wide variety of batching equipment to meet various industry needs. Our line of batching equipment consisting of Clamshell gates,systems for weigh batching and cement screws will give you a consistent product, batch after batch.

Economical Batch Plant

Our batching plant can support production of two Columbia’s Concrete Block Machines. This will make our batching plant cost effective, economically viable solution to our customers. Many of our customers have added a second production line to utilize the surplus capacity of our batching plant. Fast install and start-up, easy set-up and potential portability are other features that makes our batching plant a favourite choice for the contractors who are into infrastructure projects where fast mobilization comes into picture.  

Batching for your plant operation

Our batching systems are designed to fit a variety of plant operations and spaces. Whether you're producing concrete product units or operate a precast plant, we have the system to fit your needs.


Heavy Duty Support Structure of bins is made from CNC cut & CNC formed sections. We achieve highest degree of accuracy for weighing and batching +/- 3% for aggregates, +/- 0.5% for cement, +/- 1% for water. Our System is equipped with all safety features for better synchronization with other equipment in the line. Columbia Controls are equipped with Touch screen HMI Panel with process visualization best suited for the accuracy levels required for semi dry mixing. Highest Accuracy is maintained for every particular batch. Data Output can be obtained by LAN/USB. Our software can work with 10 different recipes. IOT can be provided as optional extra.

Sr. No. Description Model Power (kW) Model Power (kW)
1 4 Bin 10 cu.m each bin 0.6 6 cu.m each bin 0.6
2 Weighing Conveyor 900 mm wide x 11 m long 5.5 750 mm wide x 11 m long 3.75
3 Inclined Aggregate Conveyor 750 mm wide x 9.9 m long 5.5 600 mm wide x 6.9 m long 3.75
4 Cement Weigh Batching System 800 kg Capacity 5.5 - -
5 Water Metering System/ Moisture Probe - - - -