HL 7200

HL 7200 is a high speed, inline palletizer that includes a combination of standard features that makes the HL7200 ideal for gentle handling of current and future package types and sizes.

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  • Category 3 electrical safety components, Performance Level D palletizer
  • Full height light curtains positioned on full load discharge & empty pallet infeed
  • Dual slot, automatic latching on the full load hoist & pallet dispenser hoist
  • Trapped key door access system for OSHA compliant Minor Servicing
  • Full guarding with round wire viewing panels
  • Lower noise level to protect your employees


  • Wireless remote access
  • Labels-out stacking
  • Speed enhancement upgrades
  • Soft product handling
  • FDA accepted stainless steel paint
  • Upstream and downstream conveyor and interfacing
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Slip / Tie / Cap sheet dispenser
  • Unitizing
  • Turnkey system integration
  • Integrated work platform
  • Patented VPT technology