HL 9200

HL 9200’s flexibility starts with the easy to operate Product Manager HMI where the operator can create new patterns or modify existing patterns that will automatically adjust the programmable laner and smart squeeze technology to ensure gentle product handling and stable pallet loads.

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  • Category 3 electrical safety components, Performance Level D palletizer
  • Full height light curtains positioned on full load discharge & empty pallet infeed
  • Dual slot, automatic latching on the full load hoist & pallet dispenser hoist
  • Trapped key door access system for OSHA compliant Minor Servicing
  • Fully integrated upper and lower guarding with round wire viewing panels
  • Lower noise level to protect your employees


  • Wireless remote access
  • Labels-out stacking
  • Speed enhancement upgrades
  • Soft product handling
  • FDA accepted stainless steel paint
  • Upstream and downstream conveyor and interfacing
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Slip / Tie / Cap sheet dispenser
  • Unitizing
  • Turnkey system integration
  • Integrated work platform
  • Patented VPT technology