Concrete Machinery

SPM 20

Proven Combination of Superior Technology with economy, the Model SPM20 is the workhorse of the Indian concrete block industry for over 15 years with over 300 machines in operation all over the country.

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Designed to deliver continuous high speed performance, the Model SPM 20, with a pallet size of 508mmx508mm, is the perfect entry level machine for the concrete block industry. Using Columbia's superior engineering and famed vertical mould vibration technology, CVT, combined with low cost manufacturing in India, the Model SPM 20 machine, with its simple yet effective product handling system and strong service support, provides the best opportunity to earn higher returns at lower plant investment levels as compared to competition.

The organization has a proven track record of manufacturing and supplying quality of Fly Ash block, Paver Blocks and SRW block making machine and equipment on time and has consistently progressed and promoted the range and quality of its products.


Pallet Size (mm) 508 x 508 x 6
Power Consumption (kW) Machine – 32.17
B & M – 37 + 9 (flyash)
Handling – 12.37 (UL20) + 8.25 (PRS)
Cuber – 22
Product Height (mm) Standard – 50 to 200
Low Height – 25 to 170
Tall Height – 100 to 250
Thickness Accuracy (mm) +/- 0.5
Cycle Time (secs) 10 - 15