Batching & Mixing Solutions

Accurate batching is the key to quality.

Proportioning the correct amount of aggregates, cement and water is critical to a successful, reproducible product. Columbia Machine offers a wide variety of batching equipment to meet various industry needs. From clamshell gates to metering belts, volumetric systems to weigh batchers and cement screws, our line of batching equipment will give you a consistent product, batch after batch.

Economical Batch Plant

A batch plant at a price you can afford. The base system includes 4 bin stand alone aggregate storage bins, aggregate weigh belt conveyor, transfer conveyors, screw conveyor for cement and flyash feeding, pan or planetary mixer, moisture control and SCADA based PLC controlled operating system. Add to that a low shipping cost (the entire system ships in one container), fast install and start-up, plus easy set-up and potential portability, and you have the perfect system for high quality batching. Options include a Pan Mixer (1150L capacity), a cement silo and a screw conveyor.

Batching for your plant operation

Our batching systems are designed to fit a variety of plant operations and spaces. Whether you're producing concrete product units or operate a precast plant, we have the system to fit your needs.

Columbia Machine offers a wide variety of concrete mixers and batching equipment, including mobile volumetric concrete mixers and portable concrete mixers to meet various industry needs. We are committed to offering the best in concrete mixing and batching technology. Columbia Machine offers Columbia, Turmac And Columbia Machine brand mixers, plus complete batching technology and automation in collaboration with Columbia's Turmac Division. Columbia Machine can provide you the very best equipment for your mixing and batching needs.

Pan Mixer

Pan Mixer : 40HP, 1125 Liter. Input/ 750 Liter Output. Heavy duty construction designed for an output of 0.75 cu.m concrete per batch. Excellent for blending standard aggregates with cement or flyash add mixtures.

Planetary Mixer

We offer high speed planetary concrete mixers as an option along with Spiral blade & Turbo Pan Mixers.

The planetary design has one or two mixing stars that rotate themselves while also rotating around a central point, allowing each arm to cover the whole mixer floor. This gives the homogeneous quality mix in shortest possible time. The result is greater output & optimization of batching plant size.

Planetary design is always superior to Pan mixer & Spiral blade designs for production of concrete for Block machine requirements.

We offer following models of planetary mixers along with our Batching mixing solutions depending on the concrete requirements for the plant.

  • PM 750/500
  • PM 1125/750
  • PM 1500 /1000

Ribbon Blade Mixers

Columbia's rugged construction and efficient design in five models :
Model 30/ 54/ 81/ 108/ 135
With capacities ranging from (30 cubic feet/ 1.11 cubic yards / .84 cubic meters) to (135 cubic feet / 5 cubic yards / 3.82 cubic meters). Designed for productive operations, these mixers offer quality construction that Columbia equipment is known for. Standard features on all Columbia mixers include helical geared, double reduction, shaft-mounted speed reducers, dust tight and solid-top covers (or grates if specified). Safety features are incorporated throughout, including lockable three-phase disconnects for local mounting near the mixers. Maintenance is easy with large size access doors, and rugged construction features include Ni-Hard blades that resist abrasive wear, plus oversized main shafts to easily handle accidental overloads and full-load starts.