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FL 3000

The Model FL3000 floor level palletizer is the latest generation of heavy-duty, time tested palletizer from Columbia Machine. Operating much like the FL2000, the FL3000 is able to obtain greater speeds due to the addition of a layer storage table, palletizing upto 30 or more cases per minute, depending on case size and pallet pattern.

As with all heavy-duty Columbia Machine palletizers, the FL3000 includes a formed and welded frame, 80-pitch hoist chain, Category 3 rated electrical safety components and Product Manager Software, making it "built to last" and easy to operate.


  • Fully automatic pallet dispenser
  • UL approved or CSA certified control panel
  • Flexible, modular layout
  • Integrated automatic hoist safety pins
  • Maintenance friendly access doors
  • Category 3 electrical safety circuits
  • Infeed tunnel
  • Convenient floor level operation
  • Centering side layer guides with smart squeeze
  • Easy-to-operate with Columbia's Product Manager software
  • On board I/O electrical connections with ethernet enabled PLC


  • Unitizing
  • Labels-out stacking
  • Oversized loads
  • Speed enhancement upgrades
  • Slip, tie and cap sheet dispenser(s)
  • Soft product turning
  • Upstream and downstream conveyor and interfacing
  • FDA accepted stainless steel paint
  • Double stacked loads
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Turnkey systems integration
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Palletizer machinary images
Palletizer machinary images
Palletizer machinary images

As the world’s premier palletizer manufacturer, we serve the food, beverage, chemical and consumer products industries. Our palletizing solutions stack the most challenging product types:

  • Shrink film only
  • Display packs
  • Small cases
  • Cases
  • Bales
  • Trays
  • Plastic containers

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