Concrete Roof Tile Machinery

Columbia Machine offers the Uno Evoluzione range of Concrete Roof Tile Machinery manufactured and supplied by Vortex Hydra srl, Italy with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 16,000 tiles per shift. Uno Evoluzione machinery range is the right solution to start the concrete roof tile manufacturing business with low initial investment and the possibility to easily increase the production capacity up to 4 times more without need of buying a new line. The process involves extruding a semi-dry concrete mix between a continuous flow of die-cast aluminium pallets which pass through an extrusion head in the machine. The concrete tile formed on the aluminium pallet is automatically cut to length and then passed through coloured slurry applicator and optional colour spray stations before being placed in racks for curing. Changing the shape of the die-cast aluminium pallets and tooling in the extrusion head allows production of many different profiles of the tiles.